About Delited

Delited, pronounced as /dɪˈlaɪtɪd/, or simply Delighted is a platform for publishers to make magic with their content.
With Delited, publishers can create highly interactive and engaging content widgets within minutes and also monetize user engagement, along with tracking key business metrices.

Engagement Gizmos

Embed these widgets within your content to see the magic happen.Delited widgets help improve engagement, time on site, social shares & bounce rates.

User Insights

Using proprietary techniques we measure engagement, preferences & sentiment data.Also, be deilghted with the social sharing features as well as helpful Subscriber acquisition techniques

New Revenue

Monetize the data captured from the Gizmos and utilize the insights info for better campaign management & ad sales.And yes, there is inbuilt support for Native Ads as well.




Winners of 3 National Hackathons

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About Delited

Who we are

The future of digital publishing is about having connections with readers and the knowledge of what those readers want. It is in this respect that Delited works best.

Make Magic With Your Content. Increase your digital revenues by creating engaging content, increasing loyal users & capturing critical metrics.

Engagement. Subscribers. Insights. Revenues.

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The right blend of technical expertise, product insights and business acumen. We not only understand that engagement is the king in today's world of publishing but also the importance of monetization.