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Engagement Gizmos

Embed these widgets within your content to see the magic happen.Delited Gizmos would definitely help improve engagement, time on site, social shares & bounce rates.

User Insights

Using proprietary techniques we measure engagement, preferences & sentiment data.Also, be deilghted with the social sharing features as well as helpful Subscriber acquisition techniques

New Revenue

Monetize the data captured from the Gizmos and utilize the insights info for better campaign management & ad sales.And yes, there is inbuilt support for Native Ads as well.

Delited (/dɪˈlaɪtɪd/) is the future!

The future of digital publishing is about having connections with readers and the knowledge of what those readers want.


Beautifully crafted context specific polls within your articles and stories to improve engagement & capture user opinion while they are going through your content.Create a single poll or a list of poll within seconds and seamlessly insert into your content.


The Most Engaging & Playful Quizzes you will ever play right within your articles and stories to improve time spent on the piece & also capture user behavior during the process.Create a single question quiz or with multiple questions within seconds and delight your users.


A modern age gizmo for “View Similar Articles”. Include these in your articles to increase article redirects within your site, improve bounce rates and time spent on your site. Also, use these for "Sponsored Content" and monetization.


You know your readers like the list of top 10 of ... , well everything. Delight them by creating beautiful lists of “Top 10s or Top 5s” within minutes & embed them in your articles and stories to captivate your readers.


How often do you see an empty comments section below your articles and stories. CommentIn changes that.An intelligent, moderated, in-line commenting gizmo which will engage users in contextual comments.


Your users are millennials and so should be the way you ask them to rate your content.Rator is what you need.An Innovative but Simple Rating Widget to capture real time user sentiments regarding content quality.

Happy Clients Partners

The single most important thing is to make people happy.